About Us

Welcome to our website! We glad you're here. Let's try to explain a little bit about our company. Feel in home! 

Our Objetive:

We have the principal objetive to deliver products that make you THINK about the future living. We know not every product is already in the best phase of use, but we are opening doors to the new thinkers to have our products and maybe expand them. We believe the world can be smarter using sun power, low cost solutions and all that making your life easier improving your daily tasks.

Since When:

The KiNovaShop project have been there since 2013, when we started to sell on marketplaces like Mercado Livre and Ebay. But was in december 25 of 2014 ( Merry Christmas =D ) that we took another step registrating a legal bussiness name and operating a little more proffessional. Since them we try to research low cost products to bring to YOU smarter solutions with a convenient cost. 


YES! We have a DREAM! The dream is to make our very exclusive products, becoming a factory of Brand New itens to make the next generation with full acess to the world facilities. 

 The Name:

The name just came out when I was meditating and thought about the Ki (chi), the chinese word to our inner force. And plus "Nova" with means "New". For me was a perfect combination about what we can do with our Ki and with the new discoveries. It's the XXI century energy. It's a NEW way to embrace your Ki (chi). It's KiNova!

Feel free to contact us.